Segovia, a day trip from Madrid


Sometimes you just need to get out of Madrid for a day. Segovia is the perfect change of scenery. You change the hustle and bustle for small town peacefulness for a few hours.

Located about an hour away, which makes it the perfect day trip. We took the bus there from Moncloa. The return journey cost €15 and I highly recommend that you book the bus time for your return as the buses fill up fast. You can also get there by train from Chamartin. However, the train station is out-of-town meaning you need to then take a bus into the centre. I prefer the bus because it drops you off in town, no extra transport needed.

Once in Segovia head towards the aqueduct. If you are not sure where it is just follow everyone once you are off the bus.

At the aqueduct there is a tourist information point where you can pick up a map of Segovia. Then off you go to explore Segovia.

We first took pictures of the aqueduct. Then walked up the steps on the left hand side. At various points walking up those stairs you will see everyone taking selfies, because everyone loves a selfie.

We then started to walk towards the castle. Most of the major tourist attractions are on the way to the castle.

You will pass this incredible view-point.

You will see Plaza Mayor.

The cathedral.

At this point our stomachs started to rumble and we needed to take a lunch break. As you are walking through Segovia you will notice that most places have menu del días for around €15. You will also notice that many places have suckling pig (cochinillo) on the menu, which Segovia is famous for.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to sit down for a menu del dia, so we headed towards Calle Cronista Lecea. One of the teachers at my friends school recommended that street for food in Segovia. We continued along that street until we came across Mesón restaurante Casa Vicente, which is on Calle de Colón.  Before we knew it, it was filled with Spanish families. Obviously we choose well.

We then headed to the castle, where the selfie stick was pulled out again. While we were taking our selfies a lovely old Spanish woman stopped and asked us where we got the selfie stick, because she had seen everyone with them. Then she started to speak to us in English. We were all very surprised, because normally the older generation don’t speak English, only Spanish.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the bus station to catch the bus back to Madrid. But we managed to squeeze in a stop for a sweet treat!



Have you ever been to Segovia? What’s your favourite day trip out of Madrid?




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