What to eat in Prague

When we were in Prague, we ate mostly Czech food, unlike we did in Budapest. However, for some reason none of us know the names of the places we ate at. I guess we got lost in the deliciousness. We got our recommendations from our hostel, so definitely ask where you are staying for recommendations.


Goulash soup is a must eat in Prague. I actually preferred the Czech goulash to the Hungarian one. I found it to be a bit thicker and more flavourful. Also if you can, get it in a bread bowl, it’s so much more fun to eat it that way.


Fried cheese is everywhere in Prague and it’s a must try for cheese lovers! I mean it’s cheese, its fried and it comes with tartar sauce!

Beer cheese is another typical dish. We saw it on the menu and my friend decided to order it. It sounded very interesting and well, it tased…..interesting. I actually can’t describe what it tasted like, but it’s safe to say that none of us liked it. Beer cheese is only for the adventurous. If you want to know what beer cheese looks like, look at the right hand corner of the picture below. You will see two ice cream looking balls which are actually beer cheese.

Dumplings seem to be a staple with meat dishes in Prague. There are a few different kind of dumplings that you can try, including bread dumplings, dumplings with cabbage in them and the list goes on.


Apart from the dishes mentioned above, I found that there is a lot of meat on restaurant menus. In most restaurants you order the meat and a separate side dish. This allows you to choose what you would like, such as the dumplings or some sort of potato dish, which they do very well.

If you are looking for something sweet you should try trdelnik pastries. They are made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. They are absolutely delicious and not to be missed!


I loved the food in the Czech Republic and I would go back just to eat my way through the country!

Have you been to the Czech Republic? What do you think of the food? Is there any other dishes that you should try in the Czech Republic?




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