Brunch at Carmencita

Let me set the scene.

A British girl arrives in Madrid and makes mostly American friends. They start to talk about a magical meal called brunch. She had heard about it, but never had experienced it. Before you know it the Americans had hunted down a brunch place called Carmencita and took the British girl along for the ride.

In case you didn’t realise the British girl is me and I now have a serious brunch addiction. I mean this is my second brunch post!


Carmencita is my frist brunch love. It is owned by an American so expect excellent service.

They have €1 mimosas (bucks fizz) and an extensive menu. I normally go for the eggs Benedict or one of their seriously good burgers.


Brunch is well priced. You will spend around €12 depending on what you order and how many Mimosas you drink.


They serve brunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so why not give it a try the following weekend?

Location: Calle de San Vincente Ferrer, 51
28015 Madrid, Spain

Nearest metro: Noviciado

Telephone: (0034)915 23 80 73 or (0034)679 183 399

Have you been to carmencita? Do you know of any other good brunch spots in Madrid?



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