Kalua heladería, Madrid

All of a sudden the temperatures have risen in Madrid. It’s starting to get really hot which means you need to find a way to cool
down. My prefered method of cooling down is eating ice cream. I was basically on a gelato diet last year in Italy

The question is, where to get an ice cream? Sure you could just grab one by puerta del sol, but it won’t taste great. Personally if I am going to get an ice cream, then I want a good one. Cue kalua heladería.

Kalua heladería is located on Calle Fuencarral 131 near Quevedo metro and Bilbao metro station. They also have locations in Malaga.

They have a range of flavours. From classic strawberry to red velvet. I had apple pie and carrot cake flavours on my cone and they were sumptuous.

The ice cream is reasonably priced, but not as cheap as it is in Italy. For a small cone it costs €3 and a small cup is €2.80. My recommendation is to pay the extra €0.20 and get the cone and not the cup. You a get a lot more ice cream on a cone because there is nothing restricting the size of the scoop. The more ice cream you can get the better, right? You could always get a bigger size too if you really want more ice cream.

So when you have an ice cream craving head to kalua heladería to satisfy it, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s your favourite heladería in Madrid?




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