24 thoughts everyone has when turning 24

I just turned 24 last week. It was horrendous and good at the same time, because no one likes getting old. Unless you are 17 about to turn 18 and you are super excited to wave your ID in the bouncers face.


1. Oh no, I only have one more year until my quarter life crisis! Because everyone obviously has one, right?

2. There are no songs about being 24. How can this be?

3. Can I pretend I am 22, again? Because 22 by Taylor Swift is obviously the best song about any age, EVER.

4. Even being 23 was better. I mean I didn’t care that ‘nobody likes you when you are 23’. At least I had a song.

5. I probably should start acting more like a grownup. I mean I am 24 now.

6. Wait now that I am 24, does that mean I am in my mid twenties?

7. It does, doesn’t it? 25 is right in the middle of your twenties, that means 24 and 26 are too. FML.

8. It’s only 6 years until I am 30! I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.

9. I need to travel the world before I am too old.

10. I need to get a real adult job, a mortgage, get married and have kids, because people do that before they are 30, right?

11. I can feel that quarter life crisis coming on.


13. *looks at Facebook news feed* WAIT, someone has just got engaged/announced their pregnancy/posted pictures of their child. I am failing at life.

14. Why does everyone seem to be doing life right?

15. Can you have a quarter life crisis before you’re 25?

16. I probably should save money. Who knows when you will need it for a rainy day or those boots I saw in zara.

17. Speaking of zara, I need a shopping spree. Turning 24 is far too stressful.

18. I bought ONE blouse and a blazer to look more like an adult. IT COST HOW MUCH? There goes my grocery money.

19. I am becoming a vegetarian because meat cost too much. Or is it cooler to be a vegan?

20. I need to instagram a picture that makes my life look amazing. No one must know that I have faults, or wrinkles, because I definitely just saw one.

21. I should have listened to my mother years ago and started using expensive moisturiser and makeup remover. Because they would have prevented that wrinkle.

22. I am going to have to start using anti-aging products, aren’t I?

23. Wine will solve everything.

24. Now that I am 24 I probably should start buying the more expensive bottles of wine and act like I am some sort of wine expert. That’s what grownups do, right?



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