5 photos to make you want to visit Venice

I went to Venice back in March 2014 and fell in LOVE. I mean, how could I not when everything in Venice just seems magical. I spent the entire time walking feeling like I was dreaming! It just sucks you in and makes you forget about life. 

I have reminisced about my travels this past year and that’s why I started posting ‘5 photos to make you want to visit’ posts, like ‘5 photos to make you want to visit Favignana’.

I have gone through my photos of Venice ever since I added it to my easter holiday trip in Italy. I can’t wait to go back, so, here are my 5 photos to make you want to visit Venice.


Even in black and white, the beauty of Venice shines through.


Everywhere you look there are gondolas. They add to Venice’s magical look.


Even at night Venice is still charming.


Even from above Venice looks incredible.


The cathedral in Venice is absolutely stunning both outside and inside. In fact it’s my favourite cathedral.

As you can see Venice is one of the few places worth all the hype. I could post more than 5 photos, but no one ever needs that much convincing to visit.

Venice will steal your heart and make you think you dreamt the entire trip, but trust me it happened, you were there. Unless you did actually have a dream about Venice, then ignore my earlier comment.

What’s your favourite thing about Venice?



13 responses to “5 photos to make you want to visit Venice

  1. Venice is unlike anywhere in the world! Visited last summer and definitely want to go back. I loved the fact that walking was my main form of transport, it just made me appreciate all the little details that I might’ve missed had I not been walking to get around. It’s definitely its most beautiful at night xx

  2. Your photos are lovely and visiting is definitely on my radar. I was pleasantly surprised with how endearing I found Italy after a west coast trip a couple of summer’s back – so many places, not enough time (or money!).

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