So what is BEDA?

You might have seen in my post ‘so what’s next?’ that I am going to be working in Madrid through the BEDA programme.



So what exactly is BEDA?

On their website they describe themselves as ‘an organisation which represents 330 catholic schools in the community of Madrid’.
They employee teaching assistants from English-speaking countries. They place the English assistants in schools where they work 18 – 24 hours (pay is on a sliding scale) depending on the hours they assign you. You also have to take a university course on teaching English at Universidad Pontífica de Comillas in Madrid. If you aren’t as lucky as me and come from outside of the EU they will give a visa to stay in Spain, which allows you to travel around Europe too.

How do you become an assistant? 

You will out an application which you will find on their website. The applications are open from November until the end of January. Once you have filled out an application form you will be contacted for a skype interview. If you are successful and are placed you will need to pay an enrollment fee of €175 to accept the position.

Here is a list of blogs/blog posts all about the BEDA programme.

Dawgs in Valencia – He is going to be in the BEDA programme this up coming year. He has done interviews with previous BEDA assistants about their experiences in the programme.

Lady in Spain is a great blog about BEDA.

Travelling Natural is another blog that features many posts on BEDA. Travelling Natural also has a youtube channel featuring vlogs on BEDA.

There are many more blogs about BEDA out there all you need to do is a quick google search.

Are you going to be an assistant through BEDA? 




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