So what’s next?

My time in Italy is almost up. Boo! 😥

Unfortunately Italy only funds 50 English language assistant’s a year and there just doesn’t seem to be any private programme’s either. So this led me to looking into going to Spain again. I like living abroad too much to go back home.


So I applied to BEDA. It’s a program that places auxiliares de conversacion (English language assistants) in bilingual catholic schools. I will be working in a school in Madrid, as well as attending a university course!

So from September expect to see lots of posts about my adventures in Spain. And of course lots of food pics. If you follow me on instagram (@sunshineandlorena) you will know that I love to post food pics!

I am looking forward to going to 100 montaditos


I am happy that I am going to be living in my favourite city again but I am sad that my adventures in Italy are finishing!

Wish me luck!



13 responses to “So what’s next?

  1. Good luck in starting your new adventure! I will be teaching English in Spain, in Logroño, La Rioja to be precise, this September too. Maybe we’ll run into each other. I’m looking forward to following your adventures as they begin in Spain.

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