Monthly Roundup: June

Another month has passed by too quickly, but you know what they say…..time flies when you are having fun! 

Each month I am going to sum up what I have been up to, what I am reading and tell you a few of my favourites.

Monthly Roundup- June

What am I reading?


My favourite blog posts this month

How I afford to travel the world by The Hungry partier – great tips on how it is possible to afford travelling.

10 breathtaking places you have never heard of by Flying the nest – You will want to add these places to your bucket list!

Why I Don’t Carry On My Luggage by Adventurous Kate – Sometimes trying to stuff as much clothes as you can into a carry on isn’t fun.

Grammer of the month

My ‘grammer of the month is Drew of the hungry partier blog. He is going to be travelling around Europe for the next few months and you can follow his adventures on instagram and Snapchat.


After I finished work in June I hopped on a plane to Italy. I went to Milan, Turin and Como. I even popped across the border to Switzerland (my 17th country).





What I have posted this month

In June I didn’t really post anything. Maybe it was the impending doom of my last days in Madrid, but I wasn’t inspired. However, I am getting back on track. June saw me create my very own youtube channel! Yay! I have just posted my very first vlog from my recent trip to Italy. Check it out and let me know what other kind of travel vlogs you would like to see.

Do you want to follow my travels?

Instagram: sunshineandlorena

Twitter and Snapchat: sunshine_lorena

Youtube: Lorena Sunshine 



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