Small town feel in Bari vecchia

The historic centre of Bari is Bari vecchia. It’s the heart and soul of Bari. The people there are true Baresi who speak Barese (one of the many Italian dialects). If you speak Italian don’t expect to understand Barese because it is another language. For example, ‘let’s go’ in Italian is ‘andiamo’ and in Barese it is ‘sciamaninne’. As you can see Barese is unique and with that uniqueness brings another culture too.


I unexpectedly ended up in Bari during my easter trip around Italy. I had been to the city before, but I had never been to Bari vecchia. Fortunately for me the bf’s cousin took us on a tour of Bari vecchia and shared some of the history and culture.

Not so long ago Bari vecchia was a no-go area and considered dangerous. However, things have changed and if you go to Bari you must go to Bari vecchia to witness the lives of the real Baresi.

As you walk along the narrow streets of Bari vecchia you feel like you are walking in a small town somewhere in Puglia (Apulia). Bari vecchia has been surrounded by the more modern Bari, but somehow it has managed to keep its small town charm.


You will see washing hanging from balconies and the white walls of the buildings giving Bari vecchia that classic Puglia look. You won’t see highrise or modern buildings here.

You will see boys kicking footballs around just like Cassano (a famous footballer from Bari) did as a boy. If you are lucky enough you might see the next Cassano in the streets of Bari vecchia.

In Bari vecchia you will see people walking the streets with a focaccia in their hands. Don’t try to tell that focaccia from Genova is better, because focaccia in Bari is the best and to try the best you need to go to Bari vecchia. Not only is focaccia in Bari delicious, but it is cheaper too. We got a whole focaccia and two beers for €3.50!

The small winding streets of Bari vecchia are lined with little shops selling clay crockery painted with the symbol of Bari – the rooster – which are all made by hand.

I fell in love with Bari vecchia’s small town charm. There are many reasons to fall in love with it. I have only shared a few reasons in this post, but don’t worry I am writing another post about Bari vecchia and there is mention of pasta.

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