Dublin: The Guinness Storehouse

This time when I was in Dublin I had enough time to go to the Guinness Storehouse. You can’t go to Dublin without seeing how Guinness is made or tasting it, even if you don’t like it.


When we got there, there was a queue outside of the storehouse, which meant that it took a while for us to get inside.

Top Tip: Buy your tickets online before hand, not only will you skip the queue but you can get a bit of a discount. You can book them here.

An adult ticket costs €16.20 and a student is €14.50. You also get a free pint of Guinness with your ticket. You have two floors where you can collect it, either on floor 4 where you are taught how to pour a Guinness or the top floor where the bar with a panoramic view is located. If you don’t speak English or prefer to hear information in your own language, you can pick up a headset free of charge.


Next to the shop where the original 9,000 year lease with Arthur Guinness’ signature is, they give a welcome talk every 10 minutes. The tour around the storehouse is self guided, so you can move around at your own pace and take as many selfies as you want without holding anyone up.

Here is a few pictures of what you see inside.





Tiny Guinness glasses in the tasting room where they teach you how to taste Guinness.


See all the old Guinness adverts.

End your tour of the storehouse with your free pint of Guinness.


Have you been to the Guinness storehouse?



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