Al Gelatone, top 20 gelateria in the world?

Whilst I was in Palermo in August, repubblica published an article listing the top 20 gelateria in the world. When I saw that one of them was one in Palermo that was apparently better than brioscia, (my favourite gelateria) I knew I needed to go and see if it was true.

Like brioscia, al gelatone has colata (a tap with melted chocolate). I discovered this time round that brioscia did not only have white or dark chocolate but they have added pistachio (which I tried and it was amazing!) and nocciola (hazelnut). Al gelatone has white, and dark chocolate, and pistachio too, but they also have nutella. I tried the nutella which was lovely, they also almost fill the entire cone with the colata unlike brioscia who will give you half, if you get a nice person.

At al gelatone they also have granite and crepes if you don’t fancy a gelato. It is a much bigger shop, which leaves plenty of space for people to eat their gelato inside whilst enjoying the air-conditioning and escaping those August temperatures.


The gelato at gelatone is definitely better than brioscia, especially the fruit flavours, but it is not the best gelato I have had. Al gelatone offer a few flavours suitable for diabetics, unlike brioscia, which I think is great. I mean everyone should get to enjoy gelato!

If you were following my Instagram feed when I was living in Italy, you will know that I am a gelato expert, well I have eaten more than enough gelato to know the good stuff. If you aren’t convinced maybe you should take a look at my post ‘my time in Italy through gelato pictures’.


You are probably wondering what gelateria has better gelato (for me) than one of the top 20 in the world. Well you are going to be surprised, because it is a small unknown stand.

It is on Via finocchiaro. It doesn’t have a name. It is just a little stand on the walkway. They only do classic flavours but they are a better quality.


If you are passing by, I suggest you try their gelato.

What’s your favourite gelateria?



5 responses to “Al Gelatone, top 20 gelateria in the world?

  1. I just came back from a week in Pesaro, where I had at least one cup of gelato a day. I couldn’t name a favorite place, but when it comes to flavor I vote for the traditional: fragola, cioccolato and limone. Yum!

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