Where to get sweet treats in Madrid

Sometimes you just crave something sweet and you want to treat yourself. The problem is that in Spain they don’t make the same sort of cakes as the UK or the USA. There are no gregs lined with donuts, muffins and apple turnovers.

So where can you satisfy your sweet tooth in Madrid? Well, I have discovered a few places where you can satisfy your sweet tooth, some are like places at home and others aren’t.

First up is San Gines, which is the most famous place in Madrid for churros con chocolate. It’s open 24 hours, so whether you want to have breakfast, an afternoon snack or a late night treat you can pop in at any hour.

Located at Pasadizo San Ginés, 5.

Price: €3.90

What to order: churros or porros con chocolate.

Next is la mallorquina, a famous bakery in Plaza del sol. As you can imagine there are many sweet treats that you can buy here. My personal favourite is the napolitana de chocolate, but be warned this super sweet treat is not for the faint hearted. I normally share one with a friend.

For something less sweet try the napolitana de crema, you will definitely be able to finish it.

Located in Plaza del sol.

What to order: napolitana de chocolate.

Price: €1.20

Finally there is celicioso, which is a gluten-free cake shop. They mainly sell cupcakes, but they also make cakes and cheesecakes. They taste like cupcakes in the UK or the USA.

Unfortunately, unless you are going to buy at least 6 then you can’t take them away.

Located at Calle Hortaleza, 3.

What to order: cupcakes, my personal favourite is the carrot cake cupcake.

Price: €2.80 per cupcake.

I hope your sweet tooth likes these sweet treats as much as mine does.




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