6 Things to do in Granada

Granada is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities I have seen.

It had been almost 4 years since I had been to Granada and I just had to go back. So on valentines weekend when everyone was heading to Cádiz for carnival we decided to go to Granada.

We managed to pack a lot into those two and a half days, which allowed me to gather a list of 6 things to do in Granada. Here they are in no particular order.

#1 Eat your weight in free tapas. Granada is known for its amazing free tapas. You can buy a couple of drinks and get dinner or lunch for free with them. Some of the bars have a menu where you can choose what tapas you get.



#2 Go to see the view of the Alhambra at Mirador de San Nicolas, the viewpoint San Nicolas. In the square you will be greeted by people playing the guitar and singing typical Spanish songs. There is also a little market.


#3 Get a sweet/savoury treat from the bread lady. Before we went to Granada my friend told us about the bread lady. She studied abroad in Granada and often went to the bread lady who has a stall in Plaza Mariana Pineda. You need to go early because she sells out fast. I had the torta de chocolate, it only cost 50 cents. She also sells other sweet treats and savoury ones too.



#4 Party with a night-time view of the Alhambra at El Camborio. El Camborio is located in the Sacromonte area and it has the most spectacular view of the Alhambra.


#5 Get pasta from the pasta man. I have no idea what the pasta mans name is, but I do know that his homemade pasta and sauces are delicious. He has a small shop called la casa della pasta. He sells a few items from Italy and his homemade pastas and desserts. Each day he has pastas of the day only for €5 each.


#6 Visit the Alhambra. This is the most obvious on the list and a must do when in Granada. Make sure to buy your ticket online in advance because they sell out fast!


Have you been to Granada? What other things have you done in Granada?



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