Favourite Reads 8 March


It’s been a while since I posted my favourite reads from the week. Well a little longer than a while. Oops.

Here are some of my favourite blog posts and articles from this week. Hopefully you will find them useful and/or helpful.

The truth behind how to get a business class upgrade by world of wanderlust.

Brooke retells how she got an upgrade and busts a couple of myths.

Carmencita, a love story by Gauri.

My friend has just started a food blog and this is one of her first posts. Carmencita is one of our favourite brunch places in Madrid, because Sunday’s are a day of rest.

Scotland’s stunning new answer to route 66.

This article has made me realise that I really should travel around my own country and not just foreign countries. A Scottish road trip could be on the horizon!

Rideshares and Five-Hour Silences, and Why You Should Study Language by a thing for wor(l)ds.

Jenny tells her experience using bla bla car in Italy without speaking the language and why you should learn a foreign language.

Sushi 101 at La Fresca by the one with wanderlust.

Erica talks about her experience at one of La Frescas cooking classes.

And finally what I have written this week.

Brunch at Federal café Madrid.

5 photos to make you want to visit Venice.

Hope you had a great weekend!

And happy international Women’s day!



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