9 Essential Items To Have In Your Carry-on

When it comes to packing most of us are terrible at it, me included. We forget to put important things in our carry-on. The more trips I go on the better I get at packing for the next one. Here is my list of 9 essential items to have in your carry-on. 

1. Entertainment.

When you are going to be travelling for several hours, especially as a solo traveler, you need some things to keep you busy. I like having something to read, like a magazine or a book, and my ipod to listen to music. These items will help time go quickly.

2. Lip balm/chap stick.

The air in aeroplanes can be very dry. I find that it effects my lips the most,  so it is necessary to keep them moisturised.
3. Money belt.

I know a money belt doesn’t sound cool. When I say money belt, I mean the kind that you tuck into your trousers and no one sees it. I use it to keep my money, cards, passport and ticket safe. If someone stole my purse, I would only lose a small amount of money and not everything I need for my trip.

4. Water and snacks.

As soon as I am through security, I go and buy a bottle of water. I like to stay well hydrated when traveling. It keeps me feeling healthy. I always pack some sort of snack. Most of the time my flights are out of normal mealtimes and for some reason I am always hungry when travelling. Packing snacks are especially important when you are flying low cost, otherwise it will cost an arm and a leg to eat on the plane.

5. A couple of outfits.

Sometimes your suitcase can get lost or delayed on its way to your destination. It can take up to a couple of days for it to be returned to you. It actually happened to me when I was moving to Italy and it took two days for them to deliver it to me. Luckily I had a few extra outfits packed in my hand luggage. At the very least you need a few pairs of underwear and a top or two, if you can fit it a pair of leggings or jeans would be useful too.

6. Notebook.

To have your itinerary written down, your flights, transport from the airport and accommodation. It is handy to write down any recommendations fellow travelers may give you along the way. I like also writing down things down that happened, but that is the blogger in me.

7. Valuables.

Any expensive items are best kept on your person. If your case is lost then all your valuables are lost too. If I have space I like to put my straighteners, camera, laptop/tablet, phone and jewellery in my hand luggage. If they are on your person then they are never out of your sight.

8. Chargers and adaptors.

Since you will have all your valuable items on you, then you need the chargers too. I always use my phone way more than normal, so therefore I more than likely need to charge it in the airport.

9. Chewing gum.

While I do not recommend chewing gum the entire flight, I recommend it for takeoff and landing. I find that chewing gum helps to stop my ears popping.

10. A scarf.

Aeroplanes can be quite chilly. I always like having a scarf to throw over me when I start to get cold.

Do you have any essential items, that I haven’t mentioned, that you must put in your hand luggage?




3 responses to “9 Essential Items To Have In Your Carry-on

  1. I’ve never thought to take any extra clothes in my my carry on, but that sounds sensible. I always take make-up with me. During the flight I used a wet wipe to take my make up off, and then just before we land I put on a fresh face. It makes me feel so much better after a long flight.

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