5 Things to do in Prague

After Budapest, my friends and I went to the Prague. We took a 0530 am train from Budapest to Prague. While taking the train that early wasn’t fun, we got to see the beautiful landscapes of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I highly recommend taking the train between the two. You won’t regret it.


Like in Budapest, we spent two and a half days in Prague. Just the perfect amount of time to see the city.

Here are 5 things I think you need to do in Prague.

A free walking tour.

Like in Budapest I highly recommend that you go on a free walking tour. We went on the hostels free walking tour. They are normally at 11am and 2pm.

We were lucky enough to have a fantastic guide. Not only did she tell us facts and the history of Prague, but also her own personal memories. You see she was around 9/10 years old when communism ended. She told us how that they used to only have in season fruit and vegetables from the Czech Republic. However, after communism ended they started to bring in exotic fruit like bananas. She told us how they used to have to queue up to get them. Her family used to split up in the queue and pretend that they didn’t know each other so they could buy more bananas. It was wonderful hearing about what life was like in that time from someone who experienced it. It made our walking tour extra special.

See the view from Prague castle.


Walk up to the castle and you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the city.

While there go and look at the cathedral, because you haven’t really seen a city until you have seen its cathedral.


See the John Lennon wall.

Since the 1980s the wall has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and the beetles lyrics.

The wall irritated the communist regime in the 1980s, because young Czechs would write their grievances on the wall.


The wall has been painted over many times by the authorities meaning that it has undergone a lot of change over the years. The original graffiti is long gone but has been replaced many times with new graffiti.

In November 2014 the wall was painted over in white by a group of art students only leaving the words ‘wall is over’. When I was there at the start of 2015 the words had been changed to ‘war is over’ and the wall is full with graffiti again.


See the astronomical clock in old town square.

The clock is always on the must see in Prague list. It is the third oldest in the world and it is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world.

Make sure to see it when it’s o’clock. The ‘march of apostles’ happens at this time. Figurines of the apostles and other moving figurines like death appear at the strike of the hour. Get there 10 minutes early to make sure you get a good spot to see it.

Walk along the Charles bridge.

The Charles bridge is the most famous bridge in Prague. It was once the only bridge that connected the old town and Prague castle.


The bridge is always busy with people walking along. It’s lined with 30 statutes. The statues have been replaced with replicas and placed in a museum.


So that’s the five things I think you need to do in Prague.

Have you ever been to Prague? Is there anything else that you recommend to do/see in Prague?



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