5 photos to make you want to visit Perugia

It has been just over six months since I packed my bags, and left Perugia for a summer of travel and to live in Madrid.

I have been reminiscing about those hot summer/spring days and cold winter months, the friends I made, the pizza and the gelato. I spent a wonderful 10 months in Perugia as a Comenius assistant, even if it isn’t one of the must visit Italian cities.

I think Perugia is a beautiful small hilltop city which you should add to your Italian itinerary. Here are 10 of my photos, which I think will make you want to visit Perugia.

You don’t only get this amazing view from the top of Perugia, but many more. In the warmer months you can have an aperitivo with this incredible view like I did at Punto di Vista.
The amazing gelato with views!

The food at Dal mi cocco. All that delicious homemade food for €13 per person.


For the slow pace. Take a break, sit on the cathedral steps like everyone who lives there does and watch people go about their lives.

Watch the sunset with another incredible view!

Hopefully I will make it back to Perugia in 2015.

Have you ever been to Perugia?



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