5 places I want to revisit

Sometimes you want to revisit a place, whether it’s because you didn’t have enough time or you just fell in love and need to go back.

I have been to many places and there are some I just can’t get out of my mind because I need to go back! Here are my top 5 places I want to revisit.

My first place I want to revisit is Venice, Italy.
I went here back in March and fell in LOVE. I only spent a night and a day there. I never saw any of the islands and that’s the main reason why I want to go back. The other reason is, to get lost again in the streets of Venice. It’s part of the charm. Don’t use a map, just walk, get lost and discover.


The second place I want to revisit is Sicily, Italy.
If you have been following my blog or my Instagram account, then you will know how much I love Sicily and how many times I have been.


Despite being there so many times, there is still so much to see. I have been to the capital Palermo, Mondello the beautiful beach next Palermo, Agrigento which looks like Greece, off the beaten track in Caltavuturo, the beautiful island Favignana, scala dei turchi and Cefalù. I have still to go to mount Etna and the other beautiful islands off the coast of Sicily.


My third place I want to revisit is Dublin, Ireland.
I was in Dublin back in summer. I only had a 5 hour stopover, despite this I still managed to see a lot, but of course there is still so much more! I have just booked to go back for a weekend in January.


My fourth place I want to revisit is Barcelona, Spain.
The first time I went was when I was 9. Honestly I don’t remember much from that visit. The second time I went was at the end of June 2011 before I went back home after a year in Madrid. I just loved it! It was the perfect summer ‘get away from the heat of Madrid spot’. I would love to go again and walk along las ramblas.


My fifth place I want to revisit is Naples, Italy. For those of you who know me, you will know that I am not a fan of Naples. I only spent one day there in the August heat and I just didn’t like it. I can’t tell you exactly why but I don’t, except for the pizza. It’s the birthplace of pizza so it was incredible! I would go back just for the pizza and to see nearby Pompeii. I would like to give the city of Naples a second chance to win me over.



This post is part of the Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There campaign, where bloggers write a post about 5 places they would like to revisit and are entered into a prize draw to win an iPhone 6. Thanks to Cartas de Courtney for the nomination.
Here are the 5 bloggers I am nominating. Britt where are you, mapless Mike, browsing Italy, curiosity travels and a thing for wor(l)ds. I look forward to seeing which places you want to revisit.

Are there any destinations that you want to revisit?




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