5 people I hate on long haul flights


In July I was reminded of people I hate on long haul flights when I went to Johannesburg. I had to get a 1.5 hour flight to Paris before I had my 10 hour flight to Johannesburg. I am not sure if people were more annoying on the way to Johannesburg or on the way back.

Being on a plane that long means people can quite quickly get on your nerves. Here are my top five people I hate on long haul flights in no particular order.

1) The screaming child.  On an overnight flight I always want to sleep so I am not a zombie the next day. That becomes extremely hard when a crying or screaming child is nearby. A sleep deprived Lorena is no fun!

2) The muncher. During my overnight flight to Paris they were offering ice lollies. One family decided at about 2 in the morning to get said ice lollies. The sound of a family of four all opening the wrappers at the same time is loud, really loud! As you can image everyone turned around and stared at them. Why didn’t they open them before returning to their seats? At least they wouldn’t have disturbed everyone else.


3) The full seat recliner. I understand that people want to put their seat back so they can sleep. What I don’t understand is when the do it immediately. You are served an evening meal before they turn down the lights for sleeping. A reclined seat makes it difficult for the person behind to eat. Wait until after dinner to recline your seat!

4) The snorer.  Need I explain?! They make it difficult for you to get a good nights sleep.

5) The read/watch tv all nighter. They have their light on to read and to watch tv. That light is very distracting for those around them, who are trying to sleep.


Basically when you are on a long haul flight try and be considerate and think of the other passengers!

Do you have anything else to add? 

Lorena xoxo

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