5 reasons why you should blog when living abroad

Living abroad is an amazing no matter what your reason is for being there. If you are studying abroad, a teaching assistant  or just an expat, you should keep a blog.

At Agrigento

At Agrigento, August 2014

Not many of you know this but when I was an auxiliar de conversación in Madrid in 2010/11 I started a blog. I was not good terrible at keeping it updated and I have since deleted that embarrassment of a blog. The point is that I regret not keeping that blog. Sure I have pictures, but what’s a picture without the story behind it being written?


At Cantine Aperta in Umbria, May 2014

Here are five reasons why I think you should have a blog.

#1 Remember the little things. You always remember the big moments but all the little moments seem to disappear over time and sometimes those little moments are more special.
#2 Keep your family and friend’s updated. Everyone back home wants to know what you are up to and it’s far easier posting on a blog than having to tell the same story ten times to family/friends over Skype.
#3 Get in contact with other bloggers in your area or similar teaching programme. You can meet other bloggers with similar interests as you or who can help you with problems. For example, for help applying for the NIE in Spain.
#4 You can inspire/help others who want to live abroad too. Your posts about the city or the programme you are with could help others decide if they really want to take the risk and move.
#5 For your own record. Last but not least, for yourself. It doesn’t matter if other people read your blog because at the end of it all you have your adventure written for your own memory.

Looking over Verona

Looking over Verona, March 2014


Do you have any other reasons to add? Do you regret not having a blog when you were abroad? Comment below. 

Hasta Luego



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7 responses to “5 reasons why you should blog when living abroad

  1. and these are the reasons I started blogging! It boggles me, and humbles me when people thank me, for little insights, things I now take for granted. It is tough getting started in a new country.
    by the way, I was in Madrid 2 years ago, love, love, love Madrid and feel I could easily live there!

  2. I love going back to my earliest posts and seeing what was up … my only regret is that I didn’t start the blog as soon as I moved – or even before – I would love to get a sense for just how much of a nervous mess I was 😛 haha

  3. #2 and #5 were my initial reasons for keeping a blog. I don’t think half the people who said they wanted to keep updated with my life overseas have (and admittedly since I was going to grad school and working over here I am quite behind in my updates although I usually take decent notes). However I’ve made a lot of connections because of the blog that I wouldn’t have otherwise and have helped some people out who were looking for info I had provided.

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