Favourite Reads: 13 September

I am finally getting back to my normal blogging schedule. So without further a duo here is my favourite reads from the blogosphere this week about being an auxiliar.


Sol at sunset

1)15 Must-Know Spanish Expressions for Auxiliares in Spain Expressions that all auxiliares de conversación might hear in the classroom.

2) The Cost of Living in Madrid as a BEDA Language Assistant. I found this article extremely helpful considering I am doing BEDA too.

3) 10 mistakes auxiliares in Spain make again and again. The sooner we all learn what not to do, the sooner we will all have a better year.

4) Five years in Spain – my favourite posts. Kaley has been living in Spain for 5 years and she has listed all of her favourite posts from her blog, including many on being an auxiliar de conversación.

5) Madrid’s neighbourhood guide: where to live in Madrid. For those who haven’t found somewhere to live yet and aren’t sure on which neighbourhood to live in yet.


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