The reality of being “home”

They say that once you have been bitten by the travel bug it never goes away. You have itchy feet and are thinking about your next trip. This only gets worse when you are at “home”. I say ” home” because it doesn’t feel like it anymore and you seem to find home in every other place.

So when faced with being at “home” for sometime you start to feel a little lost and out-of-place. I have been going through this summer and it sucks.

Living abroad and travelling changes you as a person and helps you to grow…but that doesn’t matter when you are at “home”. Friends and family will listen to your stories for the first week or so but they won’t understand how much you have changed. You are still the same person to them from before you left and it is frustrating! You want to shout from the rooftop ‘Travel has changed me! I am not the same person!’ Yet you don’t, because what’s the use? They haven’t experienced what you have and you can’t explain it to them without eventually sounding like you are a know it all and that you think you are above them because you are a traveler and not a tourist.

Then the questions start….why don’t you find a job here? When are you moving home? You aren’t getting any younger, you need to get on the property ladder!

They don’t realise that if you do what they say and come ” home”, it will suffocate you. So you start to count the days until you leave again for a new place and to be with people who speak the travel language like you. I love my family and friends but you know that famous travel quote…..

“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”

Well they are on page one and I am on page 50. A lot has happened on those 50 pages. We can’t talk about the twist and turns otherwise I will spoil it for them. The girl on page one doesn’t exist anymore, but I guess she will make a brief appearance when she is at “home” because they can’t get past page one. She can’t wait to turn the page because there will be something new and exciting waiting for her!

So, off she goes on a new adventure, but before she does she tells them….

“Not all those who wander are lost ”



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