Favourite reads: 8 Aug

During the week I quite often read various articles from other blogs, newspapers, buzzfeed ect. I am starting a new post where I will share my favourite reads from the week with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. 

1) What I instagrammed vs what was really happening or my entire life is a lie. Everyone who uses Instagram does it. We all want our lives to look perfect.

2) Britain on instagram vs Britain in real life. I can always rely on buzzfeed to post something hilarious.

3) How to pick a great vacation apartment rental. Want an alternative to a hostel or hotel when travelling? Have a look at 20-something travels tips on how to pick the right holiday apartment.

4) CULTURAL OBSERVATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Brooke shares what she has learn from travelling around the world.

Happy reading 🙂



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