10 Things I have learned about Italians

10 Things

After spending 10 months in Italy I have learned a thing or two about Italians. Being in close contact with them daily showed me a different side of Italians I hadn’t seen before. So here are ten things I have learned about Italians.

1) You want to get somewhere fast? Good luck trying to get passed all the slow walking Italians. When I say slow I mean slow, like really slow. Who knew that you can get road rage from walking! And shouting scusi, scusate or permesso doesn’t get them to move out of your way!

2) La familia will never let you go hungry. Italians will never let you leave the table hungry.

3) They make really great wine! I have come to love spumante.

4) They make amazing meals from the simplest ingredients. Penne all’arrabbiata (a spicy tomato sauce) is incredible!

5) Lunch is supposed to be sat and enjoyed in good company. They don’t quickly grab a sandwich for lunch. They will sit, eat and talk for a couple of hours.

6) They are generally quite stylish. This is more true the further north you go. I saw the most stylish toddler in Verona. He was wearing trousers with a shirt, blazer and a scarf! I am sure he was wearing more expensive clothes than me!

7) They do things in their own time not yours.

8) They are really loud.

9) They fear catching a cold from going out with wet hair, walking around bare footed and the list goes on.

10) They are honest, brutally honest. If you have lost weight they will comment. If you have put on weight they will tell you too. You change your hair and they don’t like it, they’ll tell you! They don’t sugarcoat anything.

Do you have anything else to add to the list?



4 responses to “10 Things I have learned about Italians

  1. I agree with Courtney! I have only been in Italy for a week but would love to go back soon. Maybe I’ll make it there this next year when I’m living in Spain.

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