Italy: 5 Things I miss

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Italy- 5 things I miss

Living in another country for a significant period of time changes you and your habits. Italy has changed me and here are a few things I miss.


Making coffee at home.

1) Good coffee. I can’t go and grab a coffee in the UK anymore. Italian coffee tastes so good! I even bought Lavazza coffee in the supermarket to make at home in my moka and guess what, it stills doesn’t taste as good!


The best pasta I have ever had!

2) Italian food. It never tastes good outside of Italy. It’s not worth the disappointment.


3) Gelato! I am sure you all know by now that I am huge gelato fan! I mean my Instagram was filled with pictures of my gelato when I was living in Italy. There was so much that it even inspired a blog post – ‘my time in Italy through gelato pictures’.


4) Pizza. I know I mentioned food already, but pizza needs its own mention. As American’s say ‘it’s a whole other ball game’. Once you have tasted a pizza made in a proper pizza oven with the best ingredients Italy has to offer you will know exactly what I am talking about!


5)Cheap eating. Eating out in Italy is cheap, with the exception of a few cities if you don’t know where to look. I mean an entire pizza to yourself can be between €4 to €6. Pasta in Palermo in a restaurant is €5 and Perugia between €6 to €8. In the UK it would be about £10 to £12. In other words I could eat out at least twice in Italy for the same cost as one meal in the UK.



All of that food cost 13euros at Dal mi’ cocco in Perugia

In case you haven’t realised this list has been all food related. What can I say? I am Lorena and I am a foodie!

Have you lived abroad? What things do you miss?



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