Third times the charm in Florence.

Florence, Florence, Florence, you never cease to amaze me!

On my third visit to the city back in April, I finally climbed up the tower to see the amazing view I had heard so much about.


You get this amazing view when you climb up Giotto’s Campanile. It costs you €12 but that ticket also gives you access to climb up the dome (seen in the picture above), the crypt and the museum. I had to wait about an hour but it was well worth it!

Tip: Check out the website for opening times as they vary depending on holidays. I missed out climbing up the dome in the cathedral because it closed at 1pm that day. 

Now lets look at Florence through my camera lens.


As I was walking from this side of Ponte Vecchio I came across this street art on a wall. Keep an eye out for it and if you see it let me know.








I swear that Florence just gets more beautiful each time!

Have you ever been to Florence? What’s your favourite part of the city?



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