Arrivederci not addio: A letter to Italy

Caro Italy,

So here we are, it has finally arrived, D-day. I am leaving you today. I am sure my eyes will be full of tears as I leave you but we have spent an amazing 10 months together. I will never forget them.


We didn’t get off to a great start in summer 2011, (Pisa is to blame for that) but you slowly stole my heart without me realising. Now my heart is breaking.

Why aren’t you like Spain? Why don’t you have programmes that places thousands and thousands of native English speaker’s in your school’s? Why? If you did I wouldn’t be leaving you. I would continue to live La dolce vita. You only have yourself to blame.

You are really breaking my heart because I am leaving behind someone I really care about and love. At least Ryanair is there for me with its cheap flights!

However, I have made some wonderful friends because of you. Friends who I would never have met if I didn’t come here. Friends who will always be friends.

You have shown me that one shouldn’t eat to live but live to eat. To enjoy that simple tomato pasta dish but to realise that it has been made with the best tomatoes. That bruschetta made with the purest olive oil cannot be beaten. You have shown me what real pizza is and what it is like to enjoy the most amazing coffee.


In fact you have ruined me, Italy. Never again will I be able to go into a coffee shop at home and enjoy a delicious cup of espresso.  Nor will I be able to eat in an Italian restaurant outside of Italy again. They make carbonara with cream not eggs and their pizza is just not the same. But thank you for showing me how food really should be enjoyed, even if I can’t enjoy it outside your borders.


I have seen many of your beautiful cities. You stole my heart in Venice, Florence and Favignana. The list goes on.

You dazzled me with your beauty. Your blue, blue waters. Your greenery.


My skin has been sun-kissed and my feet have been dipped in your waters. Summer is not the same without you in it.

You have some how changed me without me realising. I gesture like your people. There are times when I use your words to express myself because it’s just not the same in English. I say dai, allora, ma and che fai?! (Gesture included).

I love you Italy. I am not ready to leave you but my time has run out. But its arrivederci not addio because I will be back amore mio to visit. There is still so much more of you I need to see.

Ci vediamo, a presto!



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