Word of the week: Calcio

SO I haven’t posted a word of  week in a while. I have been far too distracted trying to make the most of my last few weeks in Italy.

What’s the word?  Calcio

What does it mean? Normally when you hear people talking about calcio (and trust me you will hear it a lot) they are talking about football. Italy is a very passionate country when it comes to football. However, calcio can also mean calcium or kickI know very random meanings, right? 

2014-06-04 22.42.45

Why is it my word of the week? Well football has been a very active part of my life the last few weeks. It took a while but I managed to get tickets to see the Italy vs Luxembourg friendly in Perugia last week. Actually it was my second time seeing the national team play. I saw their friendly against Spain back in 2011 in Bari. In case you don’t know the Italian national team doesn’t have a national football stadium so they tour the country and play in different stadiums. Basically its will be years again before they will play in Perugia. So I clearly have perfect timing (and a bit of luck) since I have managed to be in two places when they have played!

2014-06-04 20.42.28

Some useful phrases…. 

calcio di avvio/inizio – Kick off

calcio di rigore – Penalty kick

calcio in faccia – Kick in the teeth


Hope this has been a helpful post for you all!




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