Food, so much food!

I have been having one of those weeks or two where too much eating has been involved.

Well I have been eating my three meals a day but I have been eating out far too much! Between birthdays and weekends away I have been hardly eating at home.


Words can’t describe how good this pasta dish was!


My favourite Italia dessert, panna cotta!


Gelato with a view!


Pizza o’calzone at my faviourite pizzeria called mediterranea


The pizza I had in Bologna with bacon on top!

My gelato in Bologna at one of the best gelateria in town.


The Parma ham (prosciutto crudo) and parmesan cheese I had in Parma, the home of both of these delicious foods.


Seafood delights in Parma



Another gelato in Bologna


One of the best aperitivo in Perugia. BTW I also had pasta, bits of pizza and sausages with potatoes at this aperitivo!

So my first meal at home in I don’t know how many day’s was this:
Not a bad start to healthy eating, right? On the left is Bresaola and rocket with a sprinkling of olive oil and parmesan cheese. The top right dish is farro salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and rocket (the colours of Italy). In the bottom right was my wonderful dessert of cherries. I am so happy that it’s finally cherry season!

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2 responses to “Food, so much food!

  1. Oohh so much delicious food!! Your meals at home look awesome too. I’m also trying to be healthier after a bit of indulgence last week :p wish we had cherries here! Alas, they are nowhere to be found!

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