Verona in pictures

Remember that very busy weekend I had at the end of March? It was the weekend that I visited Bologna, Padova and Venice. I know, I know I have been terrible at posting about my trips. I now have so many to post about, so I will mostly show you Verona in pictures.

A couple of travel tips about Verona before the pictures begin.
The Castel San Pietro has the best views of Verona! You have to walk up a bit of a hill, but it’s worth it and the best part is it’s free.


Look at that view!


Another picture of the view

Another tip: hire a bike. We hired a bike for an hour while we were there. Honestly you get to see so much more cycling around than walking, plus it’s less tiring. If you go to the tourist information they will give you a list of places that hire bikes. We were there on a Sunday so there was only one place open. If you are there any other day then you will have a lot of options.

So here are a few of my snaps.


Inside the arena




The view from the top of the arena



Of course my trip wouldn’t be complete without a gelato!

I really enjoyed visiting the city of Romeo and Juliet but it has much more to offer than that.

Have you ever been to Verona? Do you have any other tips? Comment below. 

A dopo


4 responses to “Verona in pictures

  1. I think it’s been around 10 years since I visited Verona, but that picture you have looking over the city is how I remember it… such a gorgeous city!

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