After our day in Padova we hopped on a train to Venice. I was extremely excited to get there since we were actually staying in Venice. We were really lucky to have found a good priced place to stay. Our hotel only cost us €25 each for a night, and for Venice that was amazing! We arrived at about 1900/1930, so we got to see Venice at night which was magical! image image We went for a stroll and found a bar got some wine. A glass was only €3 and for they offer little snacks such as bacala for €1.50-€2.50 (depending on what you have). I expected Venice to be way more expensive. It had a great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place to have a nice relaxing glass of wine after a long day of sight-seeing. The bar is called ‘Un Mondo Di Vino‘. image After our wine we went back to the hotel and got some much sleep for the next days sightseeing.



This picture was taken when we were on the water bus. If you want to see Venice from the water but don’t want to spend a fortune on a gondola ride I suggest taking a trip on the water bus. We went from the station to St Mark’s square for €7. This website has all the information about the water buses. 

Another option is taking a water taxi. From what I have heard they can range from €50 – €100 depending on the route, however I cannot confirm this. Here is the website where you can get a quote for a taxi.


And of course the most obvious option is to take a gondola! A ride should cost €80 for 4o minutes during the day for one to six people. So the more people you have the cheaper it is. Here is a link to the official website with the prices. You should not get charged more otherwise they are ripping you off.



After seeing Venice from the water we got off at St Mark’s square (San Marco) square. We walked around a little to take in the beauty of Venice before we joined the queue for St Mark’s (San Marco) Campanile.


To go up the tower costs €8 and it’s worth every cent for the amazing views! You go up in a lift which means no walking up hundreds of stairs! Here are a few snaps of the amazing view.



I couldn’t resist taking a panoramic photo!



I also recommended that you go into the basilica which is also located in the square, it doesn’t cost you to enter. Venice doesn’t to be an expensive trip but there are certain things that you should splurge on.

Round the corner from the square is the bridge of sighs (Ponte di Sospiri). The bridge goes from the palace into the prison, it was the last view of Venice before convict’s were imprisoned.


The bridge of sighs

I could post hundreds of photos from Venice but I won’t. Venice is one of those places that you have to visit. It still feels like I dreamed the entire thing. It’s truly a magical place.




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