Charming Padova

So  after my trip with the school to Bologna I went to Padova. I had organised my weekend trip to Padova, Venice and Verona before I knew about the school trip. My friends and I had bought bus tickets from Perugia to Padova with a half an hour change in Bologna. So when my school offered me the chance to go to Bologna I decided to stay the night and catch the bus at the changeover.

We used the eurolines bus company. If you buy your tickets early enough they have a few €15 and €25 tickets for every bus. We were lucky enough to get some of the cheap tickets otherwise our ticket to Padova would have cost €36. That meant we had more money to spend on food. 😉

Speaking of food, have a look at our lunch.



Looks delicious, right? We looked up restaurants on TripAdvisor and Antenore was ranked as number one, so we thought we would give it a try.
We started with a plate of antipasti, then we had tagliatelle alla crema di melanzane and I had tiramisu. It was the best pasta dish I have ever eaten. If you go there you need to try it! The staff was amazing too!

After that amazing lunch we went for a wander around Padova.

Like in Bologna people ride bikes around Padova.




The university



Caffé Pedrocchi


As you all know, I love gelato. This is the one and only time that I have ever regretted having a gelato. I couldn’t even finish eating it! Why did we think it was a good idea to have gelato after that lunch?



Prato Della valle


Prato della valle

Prato Della Valle is one of the largest square’s in Italy. It is incredibly beautiful. If we didn’t have to catch our train to Venice I could have stayed there and watch the sunset.

All in all I found Padova to be a charming Italian city and I would visit again.

Have you ever visited Padova? 

Ciao loyal readers




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