Italian word of the week: Boh!?

The word: Boh. Pronounced like ‘boo’.

What does it mean? Basically, it’s an expression that means ‘no lo so’ (I don’t know), but it could also mean who knows, I have no idea or it could be used to avoid answering a question. It all really depends on the context, but remember it’s informal. Don’t use it in situations where you are speaking formally otherwise you will appear rude.

Why is it my word of the week? Boh!? has become part of my vocabulary during my months here in Italy. In fact it has become such a normal word for me that I find myself even using it when I am speaking English! It is one of my favourite words to use because it is so simple yet it expresses exactly what I want in three letters.


Until next time,

Lorena Xoxo


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