One of those days!

You know how sometimes you have one of those days where everything goes wrong. Well yesterday and Wednesday were like that. What is worse is when one of those days happen in a foreign country. Being an expat in Italy is not all gelato and pizza. Sorry, but I am going to vent on here a little bit. I know it’s not the purpose of this blog but I need to de-stress.

First. For those who don’t know on a Wednesday I teach a beginner’s and intermediate English class for teacher’s and parent’s. School finishes at 1305, which means I have to wait around for 3.5 hours to teach those classes. I don’t normally mind this but this week only one man turned up for the intermediate class and left after two minutes because it looked like no one was coming. Since this is Italy I had to wait around to see if anyone would turn up because everyone is always late. Everyone. So I missed the earlier train home. Basically I waited for 3.5 hours just to teach the one hour beginners class and I still got home late as if I had taught the intermediate class. It wouldn’t have bothered me if I had caught the earlier train.

Second.When I got home there was no water, which was great since I had to wash my hair. It eventually came back on but it was a funny colour for a few hours. Once it looked normal I was able to wash my hair but it meant I went to bed late so I didn’t get a full nights sleep. At least it was the whole building and not just my flat.

Third. Yesterday I was been reminded of how much I hate Rome. It’s not the actually city, (which is very beautiful) but the transport and the people. So all these things that happened to me yesterday:

1. Someone ran over my foot with a suitcase.

2. When I was leaving the Mc Donald’s queue carrying my hand luggage (a big bag) and my tray of food, when a woman insisted to keep walking and pushed past me, even though there was no space.
3. A man stole the table I was about to sit at. He only had a milkshake, where as I had my tray of food and my hand luggage. Do gentlemen even exist anymore?

4. I needed to get past a woman in spar so I said scusi. She looked at me and didn’t move. Rude.

5. The cashier scanned my chewing gum and held out her hand. She didn’t say hello or tell me how much it cost.

Fourth. Ryanair didn’t put the terminal number on my boarding pass. My flight was out of Rome FCO and it has several terminals. They only responded after my third tweet and didn’t even apologise.

I have put up on instagram pictures and shared them on twitter when I have travelled with KLM and air France. They tweeted me wishing me a good flight and asked where I was going.They didn’t have to but they actually care about their customers! That is good customer service, Ryanair take note!

Fifth. For some reason Ryanair assigned me priority for no reason (I am not complaining about that). So five minutes before boarding I went and stood in the priority queue. As soon as they announced boarding for priority tickets a man shot up and pushed past me!

Almost every person I encountered yesterday was rude. I guess I was unlucky yesterday. I won’t let those two days ruin my Easter in Sicily.

Have you have had one of those days?

Ciao for now

Lorena 🙂


2 responses to “One of those days!

  1. Hi! You’re asking your readers if we have had one of those days? Oh, my dear Loredana… I’m living in (Nothern) Italy since almost 18 years. I don’t know how many battles I’ve foughten or lost. Life is so un-organized, expensive, complicate, We’re expats and we’rereally fool, but we can be proud of surviving. Shurely, I don’t forget all the funny and nice thing, for example: I’m married with an real italian gentiluomo. It’s never boring.

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