My two ingredient pancakes

I have recently discovered these two ingredient pancakes.  They are quick to make and guess what, you don’t need flour. So this recipe is great if you can’t have gluten or if you are on the paleo diet.

Note: If you are curious what the paleo diet is check out ‘The beginner’s guide to the paleo diet’.  F.Y.I I don’t follow it but there are some seriously tasty paleo recipes out there.



Two Ingredient Pancakes

You will need: 

  • Two eggs
  • One banana (it’s better if it’s ripe)
  • Cinnamon (optional, but I highly recommend it as it makes them taste delicious)

Step one: Crack and whisk the two eggs in a bowl.

Step two: In a separate bowl mash the banana with a fork. Then add the egg and mix together. If using cinnamon add at this stage.

 Note: Using a fork makes the mixture a bit lumpy. If you prefer you can use an electric whisk to get a smoother consistency, but they taste good either way. 

Step three: Heat your pan on medium to low heat. Use butter or coconut oil in the pan so the pancakes won’t stick. I use a small frying pan and I make 3 medium-sized pancakes, the perfect portion for breakfast!

Step four: Once the pancakes have been cooked serve hot and top with your topping of choice. I think berries go great with these pancakes.

I am so glad I discovered these. They literally take no time at all to make, which makes them the perfect breakfast for days I have work. Trust me as a Comenius assistant I need a good breakfast so I have enough energy for work. So for all you Comenius/teaching assistants, auxiliar, or whatever your job title is in the country you are teaching in, I recommend these to start your day.


Lorena 🙂


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