A trip to Bologna

On the 27th of March I was lucky enough to go with the second years on a school trip to Bologna. It was my first trip to Bologna and despite the extremely early start (it should be illegal to be up at 5am) I really enjoyed it.


We arrived in Bologna at about 10am and we went for a wonder. We saw some of the university area. I just love that a lot of people ride bicycles around!

After we went to the Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica (the international music museum and library). The trip was organised by the music teacher hence the trip to the museum. It was interesting to see how musical instruments have developed over time. The kids were taking pictures and selfies on their smartphones, which led to them being told off by the teacher because they weren’t listening. It is crazy to think that 12 year olds these days have iPhones, all I had was a Nokia 3310. Wow that makes me feel old! 



After the museum we went to the park to have a much-needed rest (well at least for me anyway) and lunch.


We then went to see the duomo in the main square. Unfortunately they are doing some work to the outside of the building right now so you can’t see it completely. It was very beautiful inside but you aren’t allowed to take pictures like most churches in Italy. I find that most cathedral’s are either beautiful on the inside or the outside and very rarely both. In Bologna’s case it’s the inside that is beautiful. If you are in Bologna you really should check it out.

image The students were allowed to go shopping for a couple of hours in the afternoon. This involved everyone splitting off into groups. Do you know how fun it is to go shopping with 12-year-old girls? I might add 12-year-old girls who have never shopped without their parents and don’t know what size of clothes they wear. As you can guess it wasn’t exactly fun. They spent the majority of the time in H&M trying on two items of clothes on and a couple of them bought the same tops (I might add that they are the type of top that you need to wear another top underneath). Oh how things have changed since I was 12. With the last ten minutes they managed to buy some things in kiko (the make-up shop). I am sure their parents wouldn’t be exactly happy with their purchases but they are at that stage in life where they don’t want to be kids but be grownups. If only they knew that being a grownup isn’t all that and they should cherish these moments where they have no responsibility. I mean paying rent isn’t fun and I would rather spend the money on clothes but I need somewhere to live, also it’s called being a responsible adult. Sigh.

Anyway, at 5pm I was free from the kids as they had to head back home. I met my boyfriends friend who was kind enough to host me for the night. The first stop of course was a gelateria! Unfortunately I got too distracted by how delicious it tasted and I didn’t take a picture. Can you blame me when there was melted chocolate in the bottom of the cone?

If you want to try to see how tasty the gelato is go to La Sorbetteria Castiglione. F.Y.I. the cavour flavour is the one that has the chocolate at the bottom. I also recommend ricotta gelato. delicious!  

After I had a much-needed rest because school trips can really take it out of you! I really don’t know how my students have that much energy, but then again the coffee might play a part in that. I still can’t believe 12 year olds drink coffee (well, in Italy at least).

We went for dinner with some of his friends at a fantastic restaurant. The appearance of the place isn’t exactly nice but the food is authentic and traditional. I can now say that I have had real lasagne and the best tiramisu I have ever tasted. Unfortunately due to my extremely tired state I forgot to take pictures and a note of the name of the restaurant. oops, sorry. 

Before I had to get my bus to Padova the next morning, there was enough time for me to be shown the church with seven churches inside it and some of the ‘secrets’ of Bologna.



Do you know about the ‘secrets’ or where they are located? If yes. write a comment.

All in all Bologna was amazing and I would recommend you to see it if you can.

Ciao Lorena 🙂


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