A Spring Update

As soon as spring has sprung there has been so much happening!



The last couple of months I have been preparing students for the KET Cambridge exam. I have also been teaching parents and teachers English. It was a little bit scary at first but it has been a great experience.

I found out this week that I will be teaching in the primary school for the month of May. I am looking forward to working with a different age group.

Tomorrow I am going on a school trip to Bologna! Which leads to…..

Spring and summer travel plans

So tomorrow I will see Bologna. I have decided to stay there for the night since me and my friends had already planned to go to Padova, Venice and Verona. The bus ticket I had bought required a change in Bologna anyway to get to Padova, so why not just stay the night?
It’s going to be an action packed weekend! I think I am most excited about staying in Venice for a night. Eeek! Venice

Keep an eye out on Instagram (sunshineandlorena) and twitter (sunshine_lorena) for updates on my very busy weekend.

Hopefully I will be going to the fashion capital Milan in April or May 🙂

I am spending Easter in Scilly with the bf and his family. Then I am off to spend two days in Rome, then back to Perugia and a day trip to Florence. Why? Well a very good friend of mine is coming to visit! 🙂

The long weekend at the start of May you will find me back in Scilly but this time with my friends for a beach holiday.

Then (hopefully) I will be going to Napoli, Pompeii and Capri at the end of May. Expect lots of pictures of pizza…well more than usual.

I promise you that I do actually work despite my crazy travel plans!

In June I say goodbye to the dolce vita and fly back to Scotland, but not long after I am off to South Africa to see the family! Excited!!!

And finally I might possibly go to Sicily again in August! Basically Sicily is my becoming my second home in Italy!

That’s my plans for the next few months. I am definitely going to be super busy but I will try to keep the blog updated!

If you have any travel tips for my travel destinations write a comment below.

Ciao Lorena 🙂

P.s. Sorry for how badly this is written. I am writing this from my phone to pass time between teaching the kids and adults!

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