Italian word of the week: Davvero

Another week another word. Did I really get a nomination for the liebster award this week? Si, davvero! 

The word: Davvero [davˈvero] 

What does it mean? There is two translations really and truly.

Why is it my word of the week? Davvero is one of those words that creeps up in conversation quite often. I hear it quite often and I feel it’s a useful word to show one’s amazement at a new piece of information or to emphasize that something.

Here are some useful phrases.

davvero noioso – really boring

per davvero – actually (in reality)/ really (truly)

davvero? – well I never!

Ti amo davvero – I love you truly (sincerely).

davvero; sul serio – for real

Hope this has been helpful….until next time.

Lorena 🙂


2 responses to “Italian word of the week: Davvero

  1. Really? Is it so? ….:) that’s the way to teach, nice and easy. May I suggest the next word? Magari!

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