My nomination for the Liebster award :)

I feel more like a real blogger now that I have been nominated for the liebster award 🙂 It is my first award.


I would like to thank Olivia for nominating me. You should check out her blog Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Adentro to follow her adventures in teaching English to Spanish children. Grazie mille. 

Basically the Liebster award is for blogs with less than 200 followers, who are nominated by other blogs with less than 200 followers. It welcomes newbie bloggers into the blogosphere. Now I know what you might be thinking, it says that you have more than 200 followers at the side of your page. Well it does seem that I have much more followers but that is because I have my blog linked to twitter and Facebook. In actual fact only 65 people have signed up to actually follow my blog, which I am ecstatic about! 😀  I am grateful to all of those that follow my blog, thank you! 🙂

Liebster means dearest, favourite or beloved in German.

So here are the rules of the award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.  

3. Nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

4. Come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer (below my nominations!)

I am now going to answer Olivia’s questions.

  1. Favorite place you’ve ever visited and why? Anyone who knows me knows that Madrid is my favourite place. I fell in love with Madrid when I lived there in 2010/2011. I have so many great memories. It holds a special place in my heart!
  2. Biggest risk you ever took? This is slightly difficult, I am not much of a risk taker. I suppose moving to Madrid (yes I mentioned it again!) was a big risk for me. I was only 19 at the time, I didn’t know anyone there and well anything could have happened! Not to mention my Spanish wasn’t that great before arriving there, but I survived!
  3. Book you’re currently reading? I am actually reading two at the moment. Firstly, Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho, he is the author of my all time favourite book, the alchemist. The second book I am reading is ‘Le avventure di Alice nel paese delle Meraviglie’ (The adventures of Alice in wonderland), to improve my Italian.
  4. Favorite well-known (or not so well-known) Travel Blog? Ok, so only one? mmmm…well I would have to choose eTramping. They are travel bloggers well-known for spending less than $25 a day! They give some great tips on how to travel the world on the cheap.
  5. Most stressful part of living abroad? From my experience in Spain and Italy, I would have to say any sort of official paperwork! Trust me if you have to get a NIE in Madrid it can be stressful. It took months to get mine and I am an EU citizen! I always feel like when you need to find out some sort of information about forms or the process of how to apply for documents in Spain and Italy, you will be told different information by different people!
  6. Best part of living abroad? Definitely getting to explore the country you are living in, as well as exploring new countries. Travel within Europe is cheaper than me flying from the UK.
  7. Picture Blogs, Written Blogs, or a mix? I think a mix. I like to have a mixture of picture and written posts. A picture can brighten up a written post to make it more visually appealing.
  8. Phone Camera, DSLR, or point & shoot? I use my phone camera and a bridge camera. Phone cameras are good for when you are presented with a surprise photo opportunity. It’s easy to quickly capture a moment. Also they are more discreet than a camera when taking pictures of food. Italians don’t tend to take pictures of their food, on the other hand I do, just check out my instagram feed and you will see. Nowadays the quality of pictures from a phone camera are the same as a point and shoot, which makes them slightly irrelevant for me. I do like to use my bridge to get better pictures. It has a better zoom. So really it depends on the situation and the moment.
  9. Share one of your favorite photos you’ve ever taken. I took this photo at my local pond when I first got my bridge camera back in June.


    My favourite picture I have ever taken. 3/06/2013

  10. Share a link to your favorite blog entry. I am not sure if you mean a blog entry written by someone else or me, so I will do both. Well, my favourite is written by Jessica Wray on Curiosity travels.  Its called  ‘Finally Being Honest: The Story of How I Really Feel About Korea’. I like it because it is a completely honest blog post. None of this its all sunshine and happiness living abroad but the truth about what it can really be like abroad. Not enough people (including me) write about their bad experiences. My favorite blog entry that I have written is: Pisa: the good, the bad and the carabinieri. 

Ok so here are my nominations. Drum roll please….. (these are in no particular order, I like you all the same :)) 

  1. Paese che vai, usanza che trovi. Zoe is a fellow Comenius assistant in Italy in the region of Molise. She can be found at:
  2. Britt, where are you? Britt is currently an auxiliar de conversación in Ibiza. She can be found at:
  3. Girl about Rome. Settit is another Comenius assistant in Italy,but it is not her first attempt at living in the eternal city. She can be found at: 
  4. Lucy does Venice.  Lucy is spending her third year abroad as an Erasmus student in Venice. She can be found at: 
  5. The Puglia diaries. Elly is a British council English language assistant in the heel of Italy’s boot. She can be found at:
  6. Books and a backpack.  Amanda is an auxiliar de conversación in my favourite place….yup, you guessed it MADRID! She can be found at:
  7. 365 things Madrid.  They post about things you can do in and around Madrid. You can find them at:
  8. Cartas de Courtney. Courtney is another auxiliar de conversación in La Rioja, Spain. You can find her at:
  9. The Dame in Spain. She is currently living in Madrid with her husband who is a Foreign Service Officer. She can be found at:
  10. Come un pesce fuor d’acqua. Becca is blogging about her third year abroad in Italy and France. She can be found at:

And now my questions for you all:

  1. Why did you decide to create a blog? 
  2. If you could eat only one meal a day for the rest of your life what would it be? 
  3. What’s you favourite book? 
  4. Do you have a pet peeve? If so what is it? 
  5. What is your favourite quote from a film and why? 
  6. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? 
  7. When visiting a new city, do you prefer to wander around and get lost or have a set itinerary of things to do? 
  8. Do you prefer living in your home country or abroad? 
  9. What’s your favourite blog? 
  10. Share one item on your bucket list and explain why it is on your list. 

If you don’t want to take part in the award you don’t have to, but take it as a compliment! 🙂

So that’s enough rambling from me for one post.

Lorena xoxo


12 responses to “My nomination for the Liebster award :)

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  3. Hello, my dear! I’ve another nomination for you on my blog… i hope you understand a little bit Italian do you? If not i can translate for you.
    Here my answers to your questions upside:
    1. I’ve decide to create a blog because I love writing (poems) and I want to publish them and I’ve a quit funny life in Italy.
    2. Pizzapizzapizzapizzapizza
    3. My favorite book is ‘the Lord of the Rings’
    4. I don’t think…
    5. Look answer 3, I love the film,too. One of my favorite quote is the battle of Helm.
    6. Canella and Liquirizia.
    7. Both. Normally I prepare by myself a tour but often it happens that I loose the ‘right’ way, so I’m wandering around…
    8. When I will be old, really old, I would like retrun to Germany – maybe. First I’ve to wait till my three kids will me give free.
    9. It’s a German one:
    10. I want to visit Iceland. I’m living in the south of Europe, but I love the nothern part, too.

    Tanti saluti e auguri Ulrike

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