Italian word of the week: Rumoroso

Today my students kindly reminded me that Italian school children can be very rumoroso at eight in the morning!

Therefore this weeks word is: Rumoroso [rumo’roso]

What does it mean? It means loud.

loud Italians

Why is it my word of the week? As you can tell by the opening sentence my students this morning were very loud. I don’t often start at work at eight, but today I did and I was reminded that even though it is eight in the morning Italians are loud as ever (see the above picture)!

Here are some useful phrases. 

Per l’amor del cielo! – For crying out loud!

Forte e chiaro – Loud and clear.

ridere fragorosamente/ridere di gusto – Laugh out loud

Remember that you have speak louder than normal when you are speaking to a group of Italians. If you don’t good luck being heard!

Lorena 🙂


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