Italian word of the week: Nebbia.

Ahhhh Umbria you are beautiful and green but I don’t like the nebbia that always seems to be here! Will it ever go away??

The verb: Nebbia. [ˈnebbja]

What does nebbia mean? It means Fog.


I took this last week on the train


I took this in November 2012.

Why is it my Italian word of the week? I decided that I really should learn the word for fog because as you can guess from my opening sentence and the pictures above that there is quite a bit of fog here. Sometimes I can barely see in front of me, it’s that bad. It seems to be a winter thing here….well I am hoping that is the case.

Here are some other useful words

Fendinebbia/Antinebbia – Fog lights

Annebbiato – In a fog/dazed

I am hoping the nebbia will disappear soon! I hate how it makes my hair frizzy. If you know me you will understand my life long struggle with my hair!

Is there a lot of fog where you are in Italy? or is it just Umbria? 

Ciaaoooo 🙂


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