What’s my age again?

My 23rd birthday is fast approaching and I am a little annoyed that I will lose one hour of being 22 since Italy is an hour ahead. Also it means Taylor Swifts song ’22’ won’t be my anthem anymore. Sigh.

Swifty pretty much had perfect timing bringing out that song when I was 22. ‘We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time’ describes being 22 or in your twenties in general to a T. I spent the first half of the year working towards graduation and at the same time wondering ‘what am I going to do after graduation?’. Thankfully the second half has been spent living in Italy where I have eaten a few or 10 too many pizzas. So yeah Swifty you were right in saying that ‘Everything will be alright if we keep dancing like we are 22’ but it’s also ‘magical and miserable at the same time’. 

Somehow I don’t think Taylor is going to release a song this year about being 23 (but I am keeping my *fingers crossed*), which means I am going to have to find another anthem for my 23rd year.
It seems that the best one is ‘what’s my age again?’ by blink 182.

So they didn’t act their age at 23 and neither will I….well to a certain extent. Basically I want to enjoy life and do things I want to do before I get the ‘real job’, settle down, get married and have kids. I am not quite in that stage of my life quite yet. I am going to spend my 23rd year ticking off more places on my travel bucket list  and enjoy being young.

So I won’t be completely acting my age because other 23 year olds out there have it more together with real jobs and some are even married and have kids. That’s great for them but there is still somethings I need to do! Watch this space and see how being 23 works out for me!

Ciao 🙂


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