Reflecting on 2013

2013 is coming to a close and what a fantastic year it has been. It has had its up’s and down’s but overall it has been amazing.


I had the most stressful semester of my life but it was my last semester. The day I handed my dissertation was one of the best days of my life! Anyone who has went through the stress that a dissertation gives you will know that amazing feeling.

It was the year I graduated from uni. Graduation is such a happy day. It’s the day that all your hard work has paid off.

I had two reunion’s with my friends I met in Madrid. One in Bristol and the other in London.


I went to T in the park.


It was the year I stopped working as a waitress! Anyone who has/is a waitress/waiter will understand that amazing feeling.


It was the year I moved to Italy to be a Comenius assistant.


View of Perugia

I have had the chance to do some traveling around Italy. I went to Palermo and Mondello in Sicily in November.


Mondello, Sicily

I went to Rome again for the Comenius meeting.


I went to Florence again in October.


I saw Foligno for the first time.


I took 8 planes this year which is 4 less than last year. If only Ryanair had a frequent  flier programme I would have earned a few flights by now.

2013 has been a good year here’s hoping that 2014 is even better! Tomorrow is the start of a new year which will be filled with happiness and good memories.

I all hope you have a good new year! 🙂

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