Halfway home


I am currently sitting in Amsterdam. I am halfway home. This has been the least stressful trip I have had. This is purely because I am going home. Its the quickest I have ever packed. There has been no panic or no ‘have I got everything?’. This is because if I didn’t pack enough tops or underwear (which i most defiantly haven’t) I have others at home. I really like this stress free travel.

Thing I love about traveling alone is that it gives me time to observe others. The family with the child who is throwing a tantrum, the solo traveler off on another adventure, the businessman trying to make it back to his family and the old couple going to see the grandchildren for the holidays.

In Rome I saw an adorable Italian boy of about 3 singing ‘jingle bells’ in English. It has been the most adorable moment of the day. As I am writing this in Amsterdam there is another Italian boy of about the same age singing ‘jingle bells’ too. Cuteness overload is happening! I have managed to pick out Italian people in this busy airport. My ears have clearly trained themselves to identity Italian in busy crowds. It also helps that Italians speak so loud.

I am two hours into my 6 hour wait for my plane to Edinburgh. Thank goodness I am in scipol airport because there is so much to do. I am currently lounging on a recliner looking at planes.

I am going home. I just had to say it again. Home for Christmas. I can’t wait to climb into my bed after this long day. By the time that happens I will have been up for over 18 hours. I am looking forward to being reunited with my electric blanket. If you don’t have one you should invest in one! Its worth it!

Despite warnings from my fellow Brits in Italy I bought a coffee at Starbucks but I am in an airport there isn’t much choice. They said it’s expensive and tastes like warm milk. They are right but I couldn’t resist getting a Christmas toffee nut latte. Sure it tasted like flavoured warm milk and at €4.70 it is expensive. However, something amazing happened. They spelt my name correctly! With one r, one. This has never happened. Ever! 😀

I am off to look at duty free.



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