Expat food problems

Living in Italy I get to eat amazing food all the time (look at my instagram and you will get a glimpse of the delicious food here). However, I can’t help but miss some food in the UK. I even miss things I normally don’t eat often. It’s only natural to miss things you can’t have and Italy being Italy you can basically only eat Italian food with a few exceptions.

My friends and I decided to satisfy our need for Chinese food the other week and went and got a takeaway. The spring rolls were good but unfortunately the rest wasn’t. They used spaghetti instead of noodles which was disappointing.

After the disastrous Chinese food it made me miss ‘British’ food (truly British food as well as the adopted one’s). So when a friend said to me that she was writing a list of food to eat at Christmas it prompted me to do the same. So here is the list:

  • Chinese food
  • Indian food
  • fish & chips
  • butternut squash – I can’t seem to find it anywhere here.
  • Marmite on toast (preferably seeded batch bread)
  • porridge
  • bacon, baked beans and black pudding
  • roast dinner including Yorkshire puddings and gravy!
  • stovies – This is what stovies are (FYI they are tastier than they look).
  • Sausages (Cumberland, pork and apple, caramelised onion)
  • Crisps (Italian crisps tend to be plain and are just not up to scratch) – Doritos, flame grilled steak, salt and vinegar, handmade crisps.
  • A nice steak
  • Irn bru
  • cheddar cheese – Italians have some many good cheese but cheddar just doesn’t exist here. I am miss having baked potatoes with cheddar cheese or toasties!
  • KFC
  • Nandos – I  have a free half chicken reward to collect
  • A pub lunch
  • Caramelised onion hummus
  • Fajitas
  • Greek yoghurt
  • My mum’s baking and cheesecakes!

This is my list so far and I am sure I will add more before I go back at Christmas.

Is there any other foods you would add? Is there any other expats out there who miss their home food? 

Ciao for now! 🙂


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