Back to blogging with the best gelato in Italy!

I have been terrible at blogging the last few weeks! Sorry for the lack of posts but will you forgive me if I told you I have found the best gelato in Italy?

The winner is Gelateria Brioscia in Palermo, Sicily.




This is the piccolo cone! Yes you read correctly piccolo!

The gelato was so good there I went twice during my short weekend trip to Palermo.

What makes this gelato the best? They have two taps flowing with hot chocolate. One has milk chocolate and the other has white chocolate. They then they partly fill the cone with the hot chocolate (I choses white). After that the pile on your chosen flavours of ice cream. You actually get so much gelato it’s a meal within itself.

What else is so amazing about this place is that I got five amarena cherries in my gelato. Five! In other places you are lucky if you get one cherry! There is a lot of flavours to choose from and they also had ones I haven’t seen anywhere else. The two times I went there I got amarena cherry, pistachio (I can’t remember which one I got because they do several different kinds of pistachio), fico d’india and cremino cheesecake! There are no words to describe how tasty it was!

They also do gelato in a brioche drizzled with the hot chocolate! I never tried the brioche but it looked amazing and next time I am there I will give it a try.

I have obviously not been to every gelateria in Italy but it would be very difficult to top this one!

Gelateria Brioscia has won me over and is the best gelato I have ever had! If you don’t believe me that it really is that good just have a google search for reviews on the place.

If you think know of a better gelateria let me know. I don’t believe gelato can get any better than this!

Ciao for now!


8 responses to “Back to blogging with the best gelato in Italy!

  1. Hi! It’s so funny to speak about italian ice cream… specially now, in nothern Italy it’s raining, raining, raining… My favourite gelateria is close to my home: MIAMI ICE in MUGGIO. During winter times they prepare also an fantastic hot chocolate. greetings. see you sonn.

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