The never ending stairs….

The never ending stairs

The never ending stairsDSCN0780

In order for me to go into the centre of Perugia I have to walk up these stairs which seem to never end. Its not that there is too many stairs its the fact that they are shallow and wide meaning you have to take one tiny step at a time! It makes you realise how unfit you are when you walk up them. I am definitely going to do more exercise! I am going to look into fitness classes or joining a gym.

The plus side is that I should get nicer looking legs since I am forever walking up these stairs. I must admit I sometimes cheat and walk on the side so I avoid using the steps. 😛

If you are lazy you could use the escalators but I think they take much longer because you have to walk out of your way by which time you could have walked up the stairs fit or unfit.

Its nice living in a medieval hilltop city but the downside is you are forever having to walk up. The plus side is you are getting exercise to work off all that pasta!

Ciaaaoooo 🙂 


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