The quest to find the best gelato continues..

Yes this is another gelato post but someone has to find the best gelato, right? It’s a hard job but someone has to do it! 😛

This time I went to gelateria Veneta located in Piazza Italia.

If you are looking a nice lovely refreshing gelato that will quench your thirst on a hot day this is the place. For a cono piccolo it only costs €1.80 and look at how much gelato I got. Another one that is definitely value for money. This time I didn’t choose amarena cherry flavour….shock! I feel that I should expand my gelato horizon and explore what else is out there.


Pineapple and Mango…yummy!

However, the quality of the cone was not as good as Gambrinus. Gambrinus is still top of my list for gelato in perugia but there are still many gelaterias to try.

I will keep searching for the best gelato and I will inform you of the outcome.

A presto…ciao! 


4 responses to “The quest to find the best gelato continues..

  1. I agree with you about Gambrinus (and fortunately I live just round the corner!) – but there’s another one that’s really very good (and big scoops) – I can’t remember the name, but it’s on the street that leads from Piazza Matteoti to Piazza Italia – on the opposite side of the street from Meta. It’s a bar on a corner – and they only have ice cream in the summer but it’s excellent. There’s also the new one on Corso Vannuci – same side as Bar Blitz and a few doors away. It’s Bio something – but it seems not to be open very often, the scoops are not over generous but it’s very good! So many to try…:-)

    • Thanks 🙂
      Another one I really like is Augusta, which is on the same street as Alpha ville near the universita per stranieri. The specialise more in chocolate flavoured gelato(like pear and chocolate or choco cherry). They also have homemade chocolate there but like everywhere else (apart from grom) they have cut down their flavours because it is winter.

      I can’t wait until its gelato weather again! 🙂

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