Italian word of the week: Schifo

I am going to start posting one Italian word a week. It maybe something that I have just learned or a word that involves a funny moment/story.

This week the word is Schifo, which means disgusting or something revolting. 

The verb: schifare. 

A useful phrase: che schifo! I heard an old Italian lady using it yesterday. She was walking in front of me along the street when she all of a sudden stopped and started complaining about the dog poo on the street to these other old ladies (I think there are her friends). She started shouting (in a very Italian way) ‘Che Schifo! Che Schifo!’. I agree with her people really should pick up after their dogs! You always have to walk along the street looking at the pavement to make sure you don’t step in poo. I have only seen one person who picked up after their dog and considering the amount of people who have dogs here is shocking. Get a pooper scooper people! The dog is not going to do it themselves!


6 responses to “Italian word of the week: Schifo

    • They did that in Madrid when I lived there, which was great. Actually one night when my flatmate was coming home he stepped in some poo and they were cleaning the street at the time so he got them to wash his shoe! Haha Unfortunately they don’t do it here. I have actually never lived in a place where people have so many dogs and don’t clean up or the street doesn’t get washed.

      • That sounds bad…
        I’ve seen lots of people here pick up after their dogs as well.
        The problem here is more with the cat poo, the city is overrun with strays, and nobody picks up after them, of course.

      • They are definitely dog lovers here no cats but they just need to learn to pick up after them. I don’t think they are organised enough to sort it out. I am glad there isn’t a stray problem here otherwise it would be worse.

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